How SNL began:


Craig Lackey and Ken Veltz met at a writers night in Nashville.  What started as a conversation about the venue’s sushi quickly morphed into a discussion about songs, song writing, and most importantly songwriters.  They soon became friends and collaborators and eventually decided to create a new unique singer-songwriter experience called SongNest Live.  It’s a place where great writers and an attentive audience can come together in a vibey unfiltered setting that promotes those rare magical musical moments we all live for. 


Craig Lackey writes with many hit writers including Tim James (Lee Brice, Trace Adkins), Steve Williams (George Strait, Craig Morgan) and Rivers Rutherford (Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney). Craig has had many artists record his songs including Jimmie Van Zant, Dave Adkins, Maddie Wilson, Kim Parent, Steve Williams and many more. Craig wrote the title track with  Elles Bailey's for her current album "Shining In The Half Light" which charted at #1 Blues, #2 Americana, #4 Indie, and #42 Overall Album on the UK charts. Craig has had his songs placed in films and on TV shows, such as The Unit, Any Day Now, and Passions. 

Ken Veltz is a singer/songwriter, percussionist whose career spans multiple aspects of the music industry. He has composed and produced musical scores for dozens of award winning film projects that have aired on major and cable television networks. Ken has also produced radio programs, music theatre productions, music videos and was signed to a NYC Atlantic Records recording contract as the principal songwriter and drummer for his family band, "Cecilia The Band", aka, "The Veltz Family". 

After the family band run, Ken went on to developing popular singer/songwriter venues, i.e., "The Listening Room" and "SongNest", in the NYC, Hudson Valley and Western NY markets. Ken and his wife, Jeannie, moved to East Nashville in 2015.